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Iron Heart is not a vanity press. We're not in this make money. We're to help you build your book as your brand and your business. We're here to help you achieve your dreams and success by telling the world your story. Publishing is not easy. Well, professional publishing is not easy. Self-publishing is frowned upon because many authors do a half-hearted job of just putting together a few thousand words, slapping on a random cluster of images as a cover, and throwing it on amazon, hoping to make a few bucks.

At Iron Heart, publishing is taken with integrity and respect, and every selected service is done with the same backbone and zeal as a Tradional Publishing House. The only difference? You, the author, are in control and the rightful recipient of your royalties, the fruits of your hardwork. All the self-publishing services we offer are tailored and fine-tuned to suit the specific needs during your publishing journey, but what if you wanted the whole deal? What if you preferred to sit back and let us do all the heavy lifting?

Just as the title says, a complete, all-in-one package incorporating all our publishing modules plus more! It gives your manuscript a more Traditional Publishing treatment from start to finish.
The package includes:

  • Author Copyrighting

  • ISBN registration

  • Cover Design (Front, Back, and Spline)

  • Interior format

  • Distribution to 39,000 PLUS booksellers

  • Revenue via Amazon and Chapters online

  • Automatic Print and Fulfilment via Print On Demand

  • Paperback Version

  • Hardcover Dustjacket Version

  • Epub, Mobi and Kindle versions

  • Availability via Kobo ebook, Indigo, and affiliated partners

  • Book marketing and consultation services

  • Targeted Audience marketing

  • Editorial Evaluation (No word limit)

  • Critical Editing (No word limit)

  • Proofreading (No word limit)

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