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Upon completion of a ten-year project involving numerous writes and rewrites, as well as countless attempts at visually representing my work through film, animation and digital art, I was finally ready to publish- was I, though?

I had no sense of direction, not a clue which direction to go, what step to take next. Researching availed several options, two of which were querying a literary agent and hunting for a publisher, or just do it all by myself.
Being the 'me' that I am, I decided to go about it myself, combining all my skills into one, and producing the final product to a professional standard. I decided to form this company with a firm commitment to assisting other authors overcome their obstacles and challenges, so that they do not need to go through what I went through along the way.

To you I reach a welcoming hand. Let us journey together on a path of knowledge and intellect. Let us take your voice to highest peak and tell the world your story!

AbuBilaal Yakub

Abu Bilaal Yakub

Author, Associate Partner,

and Founder

Iron Heart Publishing is an in-house, exclusive publishing company based in Ontario, Canada, with a focus on non-fiction, religious and philosophical works, as well as a focus on fiction-based Young Adult and Fantasy. Our in-house work includes Editorial Services, Format, and Design, Graphics and Animation, Promotion and Marketing, Rights and Legalities.
Our contracts are solely based and catered to the author's preference and our acceptance of their work. If the author wishes for the Self-Publishing path, we assist and guide in accordance with the custom-built packages we have to suit every author's personal need.
If we find any work to be exceptional, we may offer our authors an Exclusive/All-Inclusive book deal and carry out all the hard work involved.
We are NOT a vanity press. We do NOT collect money from authors with false promises of taking them to the top with little or no hard work. Please refer to our policies for more information.

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