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He is a simpleton. A blacksmith. He discovers an ancient artifact. A legendary Amulet. Will he succumb to its evil? Will he survive its temptation? Will he follow in the footsteps of his forefathers, or will he become the man he was destined to be?

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Book 1 of a Four-Part, Epic Fantasy Series



Mukhtar is young, charismatic, energetic and hotheaded. He should be. He is a blacksmith.
It is an occupational trait.
He works for his uncle as a young apprentice with an eye for detail and skill for perfection. Their forge, originally founded by Mukhtar's father, is suddenly under threat by the authorities for reasons not quite fathomable. This is but a taste of the many difficulties he is yet to face, as Mukhtar is unknowingly hunted by slave traders whose merchandise he had so boldly freed.

His deeds follow him and he pays dearly. Captured and chained, he is sold to the formidable Assassin Fort beyond the Empire's boundaries. Here he is enslaved, tortured, tried and tested until his escape. Assist by two rebel Assassins, they trek their way back home through treacherous paths, and discover an evil rising through the murky ashes of the Great War. 

Mukhtar soon begin's to exhume his father's murky past, discovering the reasons that led to his imprisonment and escape. He discovers the evil that was responsible for the Great War, and would now lead to the destruction of mankind.