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We are always updating our library, pushing out new publications. If there is a book you like but cannot find in our inventory, please send us a message through here, and we will do our best to add it in.

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 True contentment is intrinsic, not extrinsic. It cannot be measured by any object of this world, however valuable that object might be. It is of that garb whose cloth is not sown by the threads of carnality and worldly pleasure. This you must understand, and Ghazzālī’s Alchemy is designed to facilitate that understanding.

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They argue that the human being is a mere accident of spontaneous causes and effects. A random set of material events. Here to entertain and be entertained.
But you must ask yourself, are you what they say you are? 


This book seeks to examine the central figure, described as the One-Eyed Impostor, the Dajjal, the Antichrist, whose prime role is to set the stage for the final act mankind will play before the curtain is drawn on human history...


Modernity, in proportions unprescedented in the Islamic Tradition, has spawned several political activist groups that have reduced their understanding of Islam to something of a political machine...

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This book is devoted to a study of the Jasad, whom the Prophet-King Solomon (’alayhisalam) saw sitting on his throne, and the first problem we encounter in this study is that neither the Qur’an nor the Prophet Muhammad’s (sallalahu ‘alayhi wasallam) Hadith explain who this Jasad truly is....

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Amidst corrupt leaders, ruthless assassins, devious sorcerers and cutthroat thieves, an ancient evil takes form. A Blacksmith inherits a dark gift from his father, plunging him into a world never before seen...

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To help you climb the Mountain of Life. To help you reach for the sky. This book will take you by the hand and the heart along a marvelous journey to attain your best self...

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Part One of a series titled The Impostor and The Two Tribes, focusing on a unique unfolding during the Holy Prophet’s time, which resulted in the Revelation of the anchor of Islamic Eschatology in the Holy Qur’an...

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Part Two of a series titled The Impostor and The Two Tribes, embarking on a practical study of Islamic Sciences and Epistemology, with the clear objective of reviving the lost Knowledge of Islamic Sciences...

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Jerusalem in the Qur'an made its debut at a crucial time when the morale of the Muslims was not only at its lowest... but is continually sinking...

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History began with a Divine warning not to approach a forbidden tree of lust to rule over others. History is ending with that new actor on the stage of the world displaying an unprecedented imperial lust to rule the world.

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'Dreams in Islam' is a subject which is located in knowledge internally received, and its supreme importance for the believer continually increases as the world grows in godlessness and as the historical process draws to a close.

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