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At Iron Heart, we are fully transparent on royalties. What you earn is your right, and in no way do we hide anything from you.


Authors earn Royalties every time a book is sold. In the traditional publishing system, royalties earned are much less because the publishing companies always pump in the initial investment to get the book published. In the self-publishing stream, royalties are much higher. 

Royalties are based on sales and revenues. These rely on the effectiveness of marketing and distribution strategies. 
At Iron Heart, we offer two streams of distribution to the self-publishing author.

  • Personalized Distribution, which is perfect for the entrepreneur-driven author. It puts you in the driver's seat, and let you manage the book as if it were your own business, including promotions and ad-campaigns, order fulfillment and shipments, keeping up with regulations, and managing multiple distribution accounts. With this option, you are in full control of your book and you retain 100% of the Royalties.

  • Managed Distribution, which allows you to assert a greater portion of the work on us. This is a perfect option for authors who do not have the time to manage their book as a business and would rather sub-contract the job to us while they focus on writing more books to publish. We will set you up with an account, consolidate information for you, and make it all easily accessible in one place. This option allows you to sit back and relax with 85% of the Royalties.

Whichever option you select, the standard of royalty calculation remains the same. 
Royalty should not be confused with Revenue. Royalty should be considered as Net-Profit, earned after all costs have been deducted. 
For example:
If your book is priced to sell for $20, your revenue per book will be $20.
Less printing, advertising and distributions costs, set at $12 per book.
Your 100% Royalty will be $8
Your 85% Royalty will be $6.80


These figures are only examples. Actual figures may differ.
Terms and conditions apply to all Royalties. Please review your contract for finer information.
All Royalties are based on sale price against marketing and distribution costs, printing costs and any other variable that may affect the net income per book.

When calculating Royalties, you must always take into account the cost of production, including all marketing and distribution costs, as well as printing and shipping costs.

Iron Heart Publishing is partnered with Lulu, IngramSpark, and Createspace for all our distribution channels and networks worldwide. Their services to us include Printing, Order Fulfillment and Shipping.

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