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As the word suggests, formatting is all about visually tidying up the manuscript. From accurately aligning all the pages and their contents to suit print requirements, to ensuring every page number is accurate, all the paragraphs, line spacing, word spacing, font sizing, character formats, and illustrations come together in a professional structure. It's all about presentation. This process can take a few weeks depending on the content, word count and of course, the author's vision.

One of the biggest barriers to getting your book out there is the cover. Yes, we do try to remind ourselves NOT to judge a book by its cover, but let's face it... we still do. We look at a book, and 90% of the time, if the cover just doesn't do it, we won't bother flipping it open. An appealing cover draws us in, intrigues us into wanting to read.
Cover design is not just a picture with a title and the author's name. It has to say something about the book. Not everything. Just enough to trigger an inner sense of interest.
Many of the barriers to publishing a book have crumbled in the last ten years. But one barrier has not disappeared, rather it has become even worse — competition.
In any case, readers, book reviewers, and critics will notice your book depending on the cover. How smartly dressed is it? How captivating is the imagery? How cool is the text? A picture speaks a thousand words, and the first thousand words spoken about your book will be by your cover!
Illustrations are similar to cover design, if not as vibrant and interactive. Whether it is chapter imaging, maps, or simple drawings to go with the text, visual art always draws the reader and breathes life into the story.
We take all these into account when designing book covers and illustrations in order to make it stand out in the infinite number of books out there. We listen keenly to the author and commit to enlivening their visions to delivering art that best tells their story. It goes a very long way. In time, your book becomes a best seller, and everywhere an image of it appears, there is a sense of pride and achievement felt with it. It becomes a timeless piece. A collector's item. 


Formatting includes: 

  1. Front matter styling - Title Page opening, Copyright information, Disclaimer, Dedications, etc.

  2. Table of contents

  3. Decorative chapter openings - Chapter Images (if required), Title Fonts, etc.

  4. Running headers - on either side of pages depicting author name, book title or chapter titles.

  5. Book pagination - ensuring all page numbers are in perfect order, sequence and structure.

  6. Typesetting, typography and font

  7. Casing and spacing

  8. Page balancing

  9. Print-ready PDF

  10. Digital E-Book ready

    Every page is handled with care and precision, professional structuring and with an eye for detail.


All cover designs are taken very seriously. The manuscript is read and understood. Author vision is taken into account as well. Several mock-ups are made prior to finalizing on which design best suits the book and which design is best for marketability.

This includes:

  1. Paperback cover design

  2. Hardcover dustjacket design

  3. Front cover, spine and back cover design

  4. Ebook cover design

  5. Audiobook cover design

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