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Imran N. Hosein

Imran Nazar Hosein, or as he is commonly known, Sheikh Imran Hosein, is an Islamic Scholar, Author, and Philosopher with an intrinsic specialty in Islamic Escahtology, World Politics, Economics, and Modern Socio-Economic/Political issues. He is best known for his authorship of Jerusalem In The Qur'an and The Qur'an, Dajjal and the Jasad.

Born in Trinidad, he journeyed to Egypt to spend one year at the Al-Azhar University, but failing to draw much value from the institution, he left to join the Al-Aleemiyah University in Karachi, Pakistan under the guidance of a man, a scholar, who inspired him greatly, Dr. Muhammad Fazlur Rahman Ansari.

Here, he post-graduated in Philosophy and Islamic Studies, following which he pursued International Relations at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva and at the University of West Indes. He also served as an Imam in Brooklyn US and led weekly Jumu'ah prayers and sermons at the United Nations HQ in Manhattan for 10 years.

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