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Modernity argues that the human being is a mere accident of spontaneous causes and effects. A random set of material events. Here to entertain and be entertained.
But you must ask yourself, are you what they say you are? Will you pass a fleeting speck of dust? A bemoaner who never rose. Just a collection of flesh and bone. A consuming leech. A reactionary husk. Or will you be what your Creator wants you to be? One who is raised in rank, upon whose shoulders would descend the robe of honor, to become a being of purity in the Divine Presence.

The Crucible of Abstinence - E Book

SKU: 978-1-989450-18-5
  • Please note that this is a PDF version of the physical book. It may or may not function on some PDF viewers. We recommend using Adobe Acrobat. 

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