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Close to the end of the Third Meccan Period, between 619 and 622 AD, in a desperate attempt to foil the unstoppable spread of Islam, the Ruling Tribe of the Qur’aysh sent a delegation to the Rabbis of Yathrib, returning with Three pivotal Questions to test the Holy Prophet of God.
Three Questions that have sculpted the fate of mankind into the modern, secular age we live in today. This book explores these three questions to pierce the godless veils of deception, and better understand the strange unfolding of event in the world, hellbent on ushering the harbinger of evil, the Impostor Messiah, and the dawn of the End of Times.

The Three Questions - Investigating Surah Al-Kahf & the Jews of Madinah - Ebook

SKU: 978-1-9993870-6-8
  • Please note that this is a PDF version of the physical book. It may or may not function on some PDF viewers. We recommend using Adobe Acrobat. 

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