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The One-Eyed Impostor Book 1: Messiah and False Messiah


Modernity is defined by a language that has arbitrarily taken a purely materialistic and quantitative form, whose symbolism expresses that Truth and Knowledge is valid but relative only to a circumscribed point of view and that such points of view are only as valid as the documentations of their holders. Conclusively, the Truth is no longer regarded as existential and Divine, rather it is a mere product of man’s subjective and sensorial projection of reality, which may take whatever form dictated by whatever dominant ideology. This, from Modernity, includes Religion.

There can be only two deductions as to why this is. Either the entire matter is simply a dialectic that will resolve itself in a continuum unknown. Or that there is a deliberate hand orchestrating a conspiracy to fabricate what is clearly availed as a state of confusion in contribution to an ordained finality.

Humanity is no stranger to its finality. Only a fool is oblivious to the ultimate conclusion of man’s existence in this world. Our acknowledgement of this as the bedrock of a strange transformation, unprecedented in human history, is that this is a manifest fulfillment of Divine Prophecy.

This book seeks to examine the central figure, described as the One-Eyed Impostor, the Dajjal, the Antichrist, whose prime role is to set the stage for the final act mankind will play before the curtain is drawn on human history.

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