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The One-Eyed Impostor Book 1: Messiah and False Messiah

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And such as it was availed, that the most crucial was knowledge. For life is but a passing guest and a spectrum of toil. The most important step is your creed, then come the branches of practice. Follow this with rectification of the ‘self’ and cleansing of the Heart. Then pick an instrument and begin the journey of knowing. Even the greatest door can be unlocked with the smallest key. For whoever is ignorant will remain ignorant. But the one who knows... Knows. That the Divine Speech unveils all knowledge, and it was sent down in the tongue of the Arabs. Thus Arabic is the key to its secrets and marvels. And this is the ladder of ascension, the distinction of excellence. Who is this ‘Being’ that the Lord Almighty has created? What is its excellence? Where lay its origins? Where is he destined to be? Who is he destined to become? What is his Purpose of Being? Modernity argues that the human being is a mere accident of spontaneous causes and effects. A random set of material events. Here to entertain and be entertained. But you must ask yourself, are you what they say you are? Will you pass a fleeting speck of dust. A bemoaner who never rose. Just a collection of flesh and bone. A consuming leech. A reactionary husk. Or will you be what your Creator wants you to be? One who is raised in rank, upon whose shoulders would descend the robe of honor, to become a being of purity in the Divine Presence. 

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