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We have 3 Marketing Modules, broken down to suit the author's needs and goals, and of course budget!

Book distribution is all about making your book available to the public. Once the publication is done, we have to ensure that the finished product is easily available to the reader, and many readers, avid and passive, have certain preferences from whence they acquire their readings. Some prefer ordering online, some prefer visiting the bookstore. Some prefer the modern E-Book format available to their Kobo or Kindle readers, or on their phones and tablets. Many others prefer the actual paperback or hardcover book in their hands.

Whatever the reader's preference, it is our responsibility to ensure that the book is readily within their reach. However, simply posting the book online, or placing it on the shelf does not magically make it available. We have to inform everyone that the book is available and where it can be found. This is where marketing comes in. Marketing and Distribution often go hand in hand. 

With Print-On-Demand technology, the traditional sense of distribution is made simpler. Once our audience is ready to make a purchase, they simply do. The book is printed, packaged and shipped out to them. The distributors do not have to spend thousands to stock up on hard copies. Neither do the publishers. Neither do you, the author. Bulk purchases can always be made at discounted rates for special cases such as promotions and signings, which is also a simplified process as the wait period can only be a matter of days, rather than weeks as it used to be.

Iron Heart's distribution network includes Amazon, Createspace, Chapters Indigo, Ingram Spark, Lulu, Barnes and Noble, among many others. E-Book distribution channels also include Kindle, Kobo, and Apple iBooks.

There is no strict policy or instruction manual with regards to marketing. Everything is variable based on audience, content and how much the author is willing to spend. Different stories with different genres will, of course, have a different audience. We work with the author to develop a tailored marketing strategy focused on sales and growth.

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Consultation: FREE consultation
This can be via phone or Skype.
Covers the basics of marketing. How to get the word out there. What channels to use. Who to talk to and who to avoid. Also covers the basics of Social Media and Establishing an Online Presence.

Basic Web Development Package:
This includes a standard website developed and published online, tailored to the author's style and preference. Note, this does not include monthly charges such as web-hosting and/or other fees incurred by web-hosting companies. These charges are added based on current market prices and author preferences. A basic website will include four standard pages: Home Page, Author Profile, Book Profile, and Blog.
The entire website will be developed with a theme that best suits the author and the book, will include cross-linking, and linking to external sources, as well as incorporating Social Media. Additional Modules can be purchased as required, based on the pricing in the Advance Web Development Module.
The Basic Module also includes a one-year Domain Name Purchase, with subsequent renewal options, Social Media Follow, Social Media Share, Links to Online Retailers (Amazon, Lulu, Createspace etc.)


Social Media development Package:
If you do not have an already well-built Social Media presence, i.e Facebook and Twitter Pages, Instagram Business Page, etc, we can help develop and establish a professional social media presence for you.
This includes a Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram account, and any other personal preference. It also includes interlinking the accounts set up with advertising and business tools.

SEO setup and Google Adwords Package: 
This receives a module of its own because it is an expanse by itself. Google searches bring traffic to your website, which brings shoppers, which turn into sales. It is no simple task, however. From determining which keywords to use to perfectly optimizing all your website content so that Google can post your website on its front page, everything has to be well planned and structured.

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Consultation: FREE consultation
Via Skype or Phone, just as Basic. 
Basic consultations are covered if required, but the advanced session involves a more in-depth look at those who are already tech-savvy and want to progress to a more aggressive strategy involving Book Trailers, Film and Media options, Social Media Ad-Campaigning, Web Ad-Campaigning, and Merchandising. 
Each of these modules can be explored individually based on what the author's requirements are, and there are multiple benefits to each one.

Advanced Web Development:
This includes the Basic Web Module of three standard pages, plus two more pages showcasing a Photo and Video gallery in addition to a product page. The product page incorporates an E-Commerce Module which can allow the author to sell their books and any related merchandise directly from their site. 
E-Commerce Modules vary with the number and nature of products as well as the Resident Country of the author, banking and taxing legalities. The Advanced Consultation covers E-Commerce and is highly recommended for those who are pursuing this course.
Standard Monthly web-hosting and domain renewals (after the first year) will depend on which modules are incorporated, the kind of website developed and what options are available. 

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Marketing is chaotic. Just look at all the confusing options above. 
Well, there is a simpler way out. Just pick a package below to suit your needs and let us do the rest!

Module 1: 
Social Media Setup and Social Media Ad-Campaigning. Includes 3 Basic (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) plus 2 optional (Author's Choice) social media platforms.

Module 2: 
Includes Module 1 integrated with Basic Web Development plus Video and Photo Gallery and Blog. (This is a Value Package)

Module 3: 
Includes Module 2 integrated with E-Commerce Modules, 3-year Web-Domain Renewal, Web-Analytics and a step-by-step training on Web-Management. An even better value package which will see you in the driver's seat and 100% independent!

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