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THE AMULETS OF SIHR by Abu Bilaal Yakub

Amulets of Sihr

Author AbuBilaal Yakub makes his debut with this Epic Fantasy, the first of a Four-Part Series.
The Amulets of Sihr immerses us into a world set behind an ancient, Pre-Middle-Eastern culture at the pinnacle of its civilization. 
Forces of Good and Evil are always in battle, who will conquer who is always the question. Man and Jinn exist in the same world, divided by an Unseen Veil, each one with a strength and weakness over the other.
Man, created from a clot of blood, a being of flesh and bone, of thought and conscious, of knowledge and ambition.
Jinn, created from a smokeless fire, a being of spirit and form, of unique skills and abilities.

In this Epic Tale, a young blacksmith, Mukhtar, takes a leap of faith and frees four slaves from ruthless mercenaries. He thought this to be an act of humility. Little does he know how this one act of kindness and bravery would sculpt his destiny and drive him to the utmost brink of destruction. He discovers an Amulet, once belonging to his long-lost father, and begins to unravel a grim and dark past of his bloodline. At crossroads of good and evil, Mukhtar is faced with the greatest trial and tribulation of his life.

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