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AbuBilaal Yakub

Kenyan born, Canadian author began writing short stories, songs, and poems since he was 12 years old. After earning an apprenticeship with Mercedes Benz, he studied Mechatronics Engineering for two years before specializing as a Diagnostics Technician for the global luxury vehicle manufacturer.

With a love for graphic design, film-making, animation, and story-telling, he channeled his creativity into pen and paper and began writing his first novel. After nearly ten years of working on his manuscript, he made his debut with The Amulets of Sihr, an Epic Fantasy combining fact and fiction, controversy and concurrence, embedding some of his own experiences with the occult and unseen into a stunningly immersive anecdote.

His most recent publications include The One-Eyed Impostor, published in September 2022, and The Crucible of Abstinence published two months later.

Considering himself a lifelong student of Islamic Philosophy, Islamic Epistemology, Islamic Eschatology, Arabic Language and Linguistics, among various other Islamic Sciences, he is always open to constructive criticisms, intellectual discussions or just a fancy chat! Catch up with him on:

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