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Every book written must be understood, and in some instances, a deeper read is required to fully grasp the message and its contents.

Every study has a methodology. This is my methodology. An outline of how I studied the subjects of Islamic Eschatology and Epistemology, by reverting back to the classical scholarship of the Golden Age of Islam.

This book constitutes Part Two of the series titled The Impostor and The Two Tribes, embarking on a practical study of Islamic Sciences and Epistemology, with the clear objective of reviving the lost Knowledge of Islamic Sciences.

It is also an introduction to the Metaphysics of Islam, and has been abridged from its greater title, "Time, Light, and Being."

There resides among the shadows a strange mechanism in the world of academics, focused on secularizing and institutionalizing
Knowledge and the path to Knowledge. From childhood to adulthood, for generation after generation, the Modern Age has nearly succeeded in artificializing and corrupting the Golden Knowledge of Islamic Sciences.
It is upon us, the Muslims, the Believers, to embrace our true purpose by revisiting and reviving the Knowledge of the Holy Qur’an as it was once pursued and understood by the great scholars of Islam.
This book begins with the beginning, with Elements of Creation, Time Light, and the Cosmos, with the hopes of enabling the Believer and Knowledge Seeker with the ability to see with the inner eye and pierce through the Dajjalic Veils of the Modern Godless Age.

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